Why Should I Get Adjusted?

The better question is why aren’t you already getting adjusted? The advantages of receiving regular chiropractic adjustments are endless and less risky than taking a Tylenol daily for pain! Adjustments are aimed to correct vertebral misalignments, or subluxations, of the spine. If left untreated, these subluxations can cause disruption of the neurological signals between the brain, organs, and cells. The primary goal of the chiropractic adjustment is to repair the function and stability of the spine. The joint space between the vertebra of the spinal column is repaired, blood flow is replenished, and the nervous system transmits without disruption. All the soft tissue components, such as muscles, tendons, and ligaments, that have been compensating for the misalignment of the spine are also relaxed and tension is removed. As a result, pain related to the condition is relieved and the body gradually heals itself for several days following your visit. You will feel revitalized and relieved from pain every time you walk out!

How Long Does It Take?

Believe it or not, getting adjusted by a Chiropractor takes approximately 5 minutes! Your initial visit may take a little longer because your chiropractor will spend a little extra time getting to know you.

Is It True that Once You go to a Chiropractor, You Have to go Forever?

Contrary to popular belief, chiropractors cannot hold you hostage. People often return regularly because they receive so much benefit. One way of looking at it is this: Imagine a caveman traveled in time to current day and received all of today’s current amenities – bathing, showering, brushing your teeth, etc. He would feel great! And he certainly would not want to go back to his time. But his caveman buddies would look at him and think, “Well, once you shower or bathe, you have to keep doing it! Forget that!” So now you can see how silly this is.

Iѕ Chiropractic Safe?

Absolutely! Medical doctors pay between $14,000 - $100,000 annually for malpractice insurance while chiropractor’s pay anywhere between $3,000 and $6,000! This should be sufficient evidence to support the fact that chiropractic care is actually one of the safest non-invasive and drug-free alternatives offered worldwide. In fact, chiropractic has been found to be a safer option than pharmaceutical drugs, including baby aspirin and Ibruprofen!

Is it Safe for My Child to See a Chiropractor?

Surprisingly, chiropractic care can actually benefit any person of any age and may begin from the moment the baby exits the womb! The infant body compromises significantly during the birthing process and chiropractic adjustments can help to realign the baby’s neck, back, collarbone, and hip bone. Unlike adults, adjustments on babies and younger children require much less force and simple pressure is usually enough to adjust them since the skeleton is still flexible. Although it is easy for the infant vertebra and joints to come out of alignment, it is also very easy to move them back to their proper positions. Ideally, chiropractic care should begin from the time of birth to correct and maintain the common misalignments that may cause pain or dysfunction later in life if left untreated.

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